Get $400 Worth of Energy Saving Devices for Just $30

Minneapolis homeowners can swap in energy saving materials such as compact fluorescent bulbs, low-flow showerheads, pipe wrap, and programmable thermostats, and more—all for just $30 thanks to a new program called Community Energy Services (CES) that is funded by the McKnight Foundation and the Center for Energy and Environment.

The Outreach Grant Challenge allows participants to receive up to $400 in services to improve energy efficiency for their home for a co-pay of only $30. In addition, neighborhoods that have the highest percentage of homeowners participating in the program will earn incentive dollars. The challenge runs through September 30th this year.

The group has already helped over 2,800 Minneapolis residents save on utility bills in the last year. The program offers a home visit by energy experts, personalized recommendations, feedback on energy use, and installation of energy saving materials. CEE will also help homeowners with utility rebates, contractors, and financing. To find out more and get started by signing up for a workshop, visit the CEE website.