Rake for the River!

Longfellow Community Clean Up – Fall 2012 

Help improve water quality – do your part – it’s easy!


HOW: Rake/Sweep decaying leaves, branches and dirt from the curbs, streets and boulevards on your block. Clear debris and trash from the storm drain.

WHEN: Anytime from late September  – early November, the time when leaves are falling. The City does street sweeping every fall, but that happens only once for each block. Our goal is to get out there before rains wash the leaves and dirt down the drain and into our rivers and lakes, or to capture leaves that fall after the street is swept.

WHY: Leaves and other organic material contain phosphorous that causes excessive algae growth and oxygen depletion that harms aquatic life. By raking and bagging leaves and debris in and near our streets, we can reduce the phosphorous pollution in our rivers and lakes.

WHAT TO DO: Bag up the leaves and sweep up dirt, sand and other organic material and place bags in the alley for yard waste collection. Clean, dry leaves can also be used as garden mulch. Put trash in trash bags.  An additional action you can take is to stencil your storm drain. Contact Hillary for details.

Step 1: Encourage your block, school, faith group, scout troop, etc to participate.

Step 2: Pick a date and time for your clean up. To avoid holding your event just before the street is swept, check the City’s streetsweeping schedule here:  http://www.minneapolismn.gov/publicworks/streetsweeping/

Step 3: Register with LCC – email hillary.oppmann@gmail.com or download a form here: R4R Registration form 2012

Step 4: LCC provides instructions, bags, lawn signs and other promotional materials so you can spread the word. Let your neighbors or group know about the plan! Sign them up to volunteer and make sure you have enough rakes, brooms and shovels.

Step 5: Get your supplies (lawn signs, bags, etc) from LCC.

Step 6: Hold your event, count the volunteers and bags of leaves or trash and report back to LCC to be entered in a drawing for prizes!

A project of the Longfellow River Gorge Committee with funding from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization