Draft 2013 Parks Budget Proposes Reduced Rec. Center Hours at Brackett

Below is a message from Park Board District 3 Commissioner Scott Vreeland regarding potential cuts to recreation center hours at Brackett Park in the 2013 draft budget. Brackett is one of six recreation centers for which cuts are proposed in 2013. The reduction in hours would not affect scheduled programs or classes.

If you have concerns regarding the proposed cuts, please contact your Park Board Commissioner, which you can find here (likely Commissioner Vreeland if you live near Brackett Park).


As part of our budget discussions for the 2013 budget, the Superintendent’s draft budget includes reducing hours at six of our smaller recreation centers. These would be cuts in public hours that the buildings would be open, but not affect scheduled programs, classes, or rec plus.The proposed reductions would be from approximately 28.5 current hours to 14 hours per week. Corcoran is also one of the six potential sites.

Before this decision would be made, there should be discussion with the neighborhood and park users about how this would affect the community.The idea that we would reduce hours to deal with budget constraints is certainly a possibility I would consider, but I would prefer to look system-wide at where these reductions would have the least impact. I am also concerned that there isn’t a lot of time between now and when a final budget decision will be voted on Dec. 12, 2012 for a full discussion with the neighborhoods about reduced hours.

We have started a multi year process at how we can be efficient, effective, and be able to evaluate our programs with measurable outcomes. I guess I am interested in a better service delivery model that would drive our staffing decisions, rather than just looking at reducing hours at some locations.

The budget discussions are difficult because there are many worthwhile things we cannot do this year and we need to find the right balance of what to fund and what impact that has on taxpayers.

I wanted to get the word out about these issues and our budget process. And I want to emphasize that we are discussing a draft budget that has a number of options as part of this process.


Scott Vreeland
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Commissioner District # 3
(612) 721-7892