Hiawatha Signals Fix Celebration: Wednesday Jan 23 at Cardinal Tavern

From the office of Council Member Colvin Roy:

Hiawatha Signals-fix Celebration
Wed, January 23, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Cardinal Tavern, 2920 East 38th St (next to the LRT station)

Hiawatha Signal Project Complete; Time to Celebrate! The changes to Hiawatha signals are now complete. Two years ago, I asked for your input about your experiences on Hiawatha Avenue so I could share the observations with national experts on rail timing.  I received more than 160 responses, including many complaints about very long, frustrating waits.  We have diagnosed the problems, garnered the support of government partners, identified solutions, procured new more sophisticated equipment, customized then tested and finally, installed the equipment.  Some of the benefits we expect are:

  • More mobility between neighborhoods, a feeling of connectedness and easier access to friends and local businesses on either side of the tracks.
  • Less traffic on Minnehaha Avenue and West River Parkway.
  • Less frustration for drivers, a reduction in illegal and unsafe maneuvers, and a safer experience for all users of the corridor.
  • A reduction in emissions from idling cars.

I’ve been working on this effort for several years, beginning by making this project a priority for the city and our partners in the corridor.  There have been tweaks to the timing of our old signals over the years but that wasn’t enough.  Technology finally caught up to our needs and we were able to make a more dramatic change.  This has been long awaited and I’m ready to celebrate!  I hope you will join us to celebrate and thank the people who helped along the way especially Senior Engineer and project manager, Allan Klugman.    You will also be able to learn about new area businesses and the pedestrian improvements being planned for Hiawatha.

Thanks, and I hope to see you on January 23!