Compost in Minneapolis for Residents

Whether you have your own compost bin or not, you can drop off compostable material at two sites in Minneapolis. Your food scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds and pizza boxes – even meats, bones, dairy and some other items that backyard composting can’t manage – can go to:

  • Pearl Park (register to participate).
  • South Transfer Station (bring your ID showing a Minneapolis address).

More locations may become available this summer and fall to make dropping off organics more convenient.

Materials you can drop off include all food waste, food-soiled and non-recyclable paper (paper plates, napkins, pizza boxes), and other compostable organic materials such as coffee grounds and filters, cotton swabs, dryer lint and wooden freezer pop sticks.

Drop off your organic materials in a compostable bag (either paper or certified compostable plastic). Larger items such as pizza boxes and wax coated boxes don’t need to be bagged.

If you don’t already separate organics, you don’t have to buy anything to start. You can collect them in something you already have such as an ice cream bucket or cottage cheese container. Tip: puncture holes in the lid to prevent smells.

For locations, hours, frequently asked questions, and a list of what is and isn’t accepted, see or call 612-673-2917.