Congratulations to the Minnehaha Mile!

On Friday, December 12 Mayor Betsy Hodges formally announced the recognition of The Minnehaha Mile! Below is the article from the City of Minneapolis*. Congratulations to the shops along the Minnehaha Mile, this is a huge accomplishment! LCC is proud to have such innovators in the neighborhood.

City declares portion of Minnehaha Avenue “Minnehaha Mile”

Today Mayor Betsy Hodges and the Minneapolis City Council approved a resolution declaring Minnehaha Avenue, from Lake Street to Minnehaha Falls, as the “Minnehaha Mile.” This street contains nine antique, vintage, retro, and secondhand shops, more than any other commercial corridor in the state of Minnesota. 

The declaration was made in recognition of the important role Minnehaha Avenue plays in making the city more livable, attractive, resilient, and healthy while adding charm and character to the community.

The Mayor and City Council are encouraging residents and visitors alike to visit and experience the shops located along the Minnehaha Mile. Entrepreneurs and business owners—particularly those specializing in antique, vintage, and reuse shops— are also encouraged to consider locating along this special corridor in Minneapolis.

*Published here on December 12, 2014.