Open Seats LCC Board of Directors May 2017 – April 2018

The Longfellow Community Council (LCC) has a 15 member Board of Directors. Annual elections are held in April at LCC’s General Membership meeting. Candidates running for specific neighborhood seats will be required to participate in a short neighborhood caucus. All other available seats are elected from the floor during the General Membership meeting. To run for an LCC seat on the Board of Directors, you must be present at the meeting.

Neighborhood Seats (5 seats open)

Each neighborhood in Greater Longfellow has 2 allotted seats on the Board. Each seat is a 2-year term that is staggered so that only one new seat is filled each year. In some cases, both seats will be vacated in the same year leaving two seats open.

Longfellow Neighborhood

Seat 2 (2-year term)

Cooper Neighborhood

2 seats open

Seat 1 (1 year left and will expire in 2018)

Seat 2 (2-year term)

Hiawatha Neighborhood

Seat 2 (2-year term)

Howe Neighborhood

Seat 2 (2-year term)

Community Representatives (3 seats open)

Any resident from any of the 4 neighborhoods in Greater Longfellow can run for these 3 open seats. Each seat has a 1-year term.

Business (1 seat open)

This seat can only be occupied by a business owner in Greater Longfellow or a designated representative of a business in Greater Longfellow. This seat has a 1-year term.

At-Large (1 seat open)

There is one At-large open seat. This seat has a 3-year term and can be occupied by any resident who lives in any of the 4 neighborhoods in Greater Longfellow. There are 2 additional seats that have staggered 3-year terms so only 1 seat is filled each year.