Community Access Survey 2017

Within the last couple years, LCC has begun conducting surveys at both General Membership Meetings. At our meeting last October, we conducted a survey on community safety and perceptions of safe/unsafe places in the neighborhood. The outcome of that survey was a community safety meeting. Generally, surveys help inform aspects of the work we do; if something crops up in a survey as a significant issue that residents feel need addressing, it’s something that will be addressed for board of committee consideration. Over the past year, LCC has received concerns from neighborhood residents who had access issues for various reasons. With the Executive Committee, we decided  to focus on this subject to gain a wider range of input. 

This survey was prepared in advance of LCC’s Spring 2017 “No Piecharts! Only Pies!” General Membership Meeting. We want to better gauge community access and mobility in Longfellow. Online responses will be accepted until Friday, May 12th. All participants will be entered into a random drawing for a free sweatshirt.  Since it is still cold at the end of April, a free sweatshirt could be useful and awesome! (And if the weather improves, don’t worry, it will get cold again.)

Thanks for your time and feedback.