Our Work

What we do

The Longfellow Community Council (LCC) is a community-based, 501(c) 3 citizen participation organization that represents the interests of community members, including approximately 400 business owners and 21,000 residents who live, work, learn and play within the Longfellow, Cooper, Howe, and Hiawatha Neighborhoods of South Minneapolis. LCC is the officially recognized citizen participation organization for the Greater Longfellow area.

Community engagement is the foundation of the work of Longfellow Community Council (LCC). We engage and inform community members through six formal media sources (LCC website, Yahoo Groups, Facebook, Twitter, the LCC Insider Newsletter and a monthly LCC page in the Longfellow/Nokomis Messenger newspaper). We also flyer the community around meetings and events and work closely with block club and other community leaders. We continually strive to increase our visibility in the community so that Greater Longfellow residents are aware of our existence and resources.

Longfellow Community Council (LCC) engages in regular planning activities in the community. LCC works with the broader community to complete the goals of both our NRP Phase II Plan and our 2-year strategic Plan. LCC has five active committees (see committee pages) where resident volunteers meet to create and implement programs, project and activities.

LCC and members of Greater Longfellow are currently involved in a  large-scale planning process with Hennepin County and multiple other community partners through a Community Works project.  This project is an 8 million dollar program spanning the length of Greater Longfellow from Minnehaha Park to the Midtown Greenway from Minnehaha Avenue to Hiawatha. This project has now expanded to Midtown Phillips through a federal CARE grant. LCC, Hennepin County and the Women’s Environmental Initiative (WEI) are working to educate residents on the environmental issues of our communities with an end goal of prioritizing remediation projects in the community.

Our engagement and planning efforts continue with a strong emphasis on engaging a greater number of community members that will be reflective of the ethnic and social make-up of our community.

The Strategic and NRP Phase II plan can be viewed and downloaded on this website.