Environment & Transportation

Committee Purpose

Initiates and supports projects and actions which protect and enhance the environment of the neighborhood. The Committee works on issues surrounding bicycle transportation and mass transit, community gardens, greening, water quality, alternative energy and pollution prevention.

Goals and Objectives

  • Maintain and enhance native plantings along the Midtown Greenway.
  • Maintain existing community gardens and find land for new gardens.
  • Promote the use of native plants in landscaping and the maintenance of the urban forest.
  • Improve and expand bicycling facilities in the Longfellow Community.
  • Implement the River Lake Greenway.
  • Integrate green / sustainability issues more fully into development strategies and planning (including new real estate developments).
  • Facilitate the adoption of renewable energy technologies by neighborhood homeowners and landlords.
  • Promote traffic calming and pedestrian safety in the Longfellow Community.

Meeting Day and Time:

Usually the Fourth Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Check the LCC Calendar for location.

Current Activities:

Longfellow Trees

Longfellow Trees is bringing affordable, quality native canopy trees to our neighborhood. Find more information and sign up here!

Improving and Expanding Bicycling Facilities

Minneapolis adopted a bicycle master plan in 2011 that sets out a long-term vision for bicycle infrastructure in the city. Longfellow has several planned bicycle routes. Other organizations in the city are also actively working to improve bicycle facilities in Longfellow. The Minneapolis Bike Coalition advocates for increased bicycling infrastructure around the city, with a current campaign focused on Franklin Avenue.

Existing Bicycle Infrastructure in Longfellow

Midtown Greenway

Longfellow is home to the eastern half of the Midtown Greenway, a dedicated biking and walking path that runs from West River Parkway to Lake Calhoun between 28th and 29th Streets.

River Lake Greenway

Running west from the river along 42nd Street in Longfellow, the River Lake Greenway provides an east-west route for cyclists in southern Longfellow. The route in Longfellow is designated a Bicycle Boulevard, with signage alerting motorists and cyclists to share the road.

Minnehaha Parkway/Godfrey Parkway

A biking and walking trail runs along Minnehaha Parkway in Longfellow, providing an overpass above Hiawatha Avenue and connecting with the West River Parkway trail along the river.

West River Parkway

A biking and walking trail runs along West River Parkway in Longfellow, intersecting with the Midtown Greenway and the River Lake Greenway. The path along the parkway then follows the Minnehaha Creek Parkway trail.

Bicycle Rental

Nice Ride Minnesota, a bicycle rental service, has several stations in and near Longfellow:

  • 19th Ave S & Franklin Ave
  • 25th Ave S & Franklin Ave
  • 28th Ave S & Franklin Ave
  • 25th St & 33rd Ave S
  • Lake St & 39th Ave S

More information about bicycling in Longfellow

Share the Road (safety and information)
Pedal Minnesota (maps and route information)
Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition (advocacy)

Traffic Calming & Pedestrian Safety

Paint the Pavement

One method to calm traffic at intersections is to paint the pavement, which causes drivers to pay attention to the road. The Longfellow E&T committee and the Community Connections Committee are developing a pavement painting project after learning about a successful project in the Corcoran neighborhood.

Hiawatha Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Hiawatha Avenue presents difficulties for pedestrians because of its width. The E&T Committee is working with Hennepin County to reduce the distance that pedestrians have to cross and to create islands where pedestrians can wait.

Gardens and Landscapes

Irrigation-Free Landscape Pilot Project

The E&T Committee recently approved a project to demonstrate irrigation-free landscaping. This watershed-friendly yard shows that beautiful yards do not necessarily require major water consumption. The Irrigation-Free Landscape minimizes runoff and water consumption by using plants and planting techniques that do not require irrigation. The project was made possible through a grant from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. See PRAIRIEFORM’s project page for additional information.

Community Gardens

Longfellow is home to the Dowling Community Garden, one of two remaining Victory Gardens that date back more than 65 years. The garden has nearly 200 plots to grow vegetables, fruits, and other plants (but there is currently a lengthy waitlist).

Renewable Energy

The E&T Committee works to promote renewable energy options for homes and businesses in Longfellow.

For further information:

Contact Joe at the LCC office at joe@longfellow.org or 612-722-4529, ext 13. You can join the E&T email listserv at groups.yahoo.com/group/lccent