Transition Longfellow

Transition Longfellow formed in January 2011. It is one of more than 140 Transition organizations in the US and more than 470 around the globe. Transition Longfellow provides information, social connections, and encouragement to people who are ready to take personal and community action to address the most pressing issues of our time:

  • Energy (conservation, renewability and resilience),
  • Food (local, safe and sustainably grown),
  • Understanding and preparing for climate impacts, and
  • Promoting an increasingly local economy.

There is a strong social and community component to everything we do. We have an active Facebook page – Longfellow Transition Group – where you can get ideas and ask for advice or help. We host ongoing groups and one-time skill-share activities. Most of our activities are family-friendly, (though we do not offer child care).

We are neighbors learning from each other and doing things together. We are not “experts,” although some of the folks who teach and/or attend our events know quite a lot. Beginners are always welcome.

If you want to CREATE an event or to SHARE A SKILL with others in the community, contact Transition Longfellow and we’ll bring it to our volunteer steering committee for consideration. We can help with promotions, securing space and more.

We believe that our families and communities CAN make the transition to a more sustainable future.  We invite you to join us on that journey!