Spotlight on Elevated Beer Wine Spirits

The idea for Elevated Beer Wine Spirits started like so many good ideas do – a couple of people sitting around and musing about life’s direction. Likely Ryan Widuch and Tom Boland, the owners of Elevated were enjoying some of their home-brewed beers at the time. “Let’s open a liquor store! Full service! In Longfellow where we live! Yeah!”

Elevated Beer Wine Spirits opened in November 2012 and have expanded their beer and wine selection and customer base every month since. Their focus is on craft beers with a full selection of wines and spirits available; knowledgeable and friendly staff is on hand to help you find what you’re looking for. They offer a huge and thoughtfully curated selection of build-your-own six-pack selection.

IMG_0760If you can’t get enough of beer talk, tune in to 1500 ESPN on Thursdays at 7:00 pm where you can hear Ryan and/or Tom talk all things beer with Chris Reuvers, Mike Frattalone, Doug from the Third Street Brewhouse, and Bartley from Bent Brewstillery.

Bring your dog and your Bitcoin next time you’re in. Elevated participates in the Sidewalk Dog program and they accept Bitcoin so empty your account and try a few new brews. While you’re there check out local artist Adam Turman’s mural above the beer cases.

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